Our Story

In golf as in life, it’s the follow through that makes the difference.

Having been golfing buddies for years, we became frustrated trying to find comfortable, cute, and figure-flattering golf skirts. We also found there was an abundance of solid colored skirts available… everywhere.  The market was desperately in need of fashion forward and attractive patterned skirts. We both believe you don’t have to be the best lady golfer on the course, but we believe you should look your best while playing the game.

In 2014, we started researching fabrics and skirt designs that would address those frustrations.  Through a lot of trial and a lot more error, we are convinced we have found the best skirt designs and fabrics to offer on the market.

We hand pick all of our fabrics, concentrating on the uniqueness of each fabric. Our skirts are manufactured by a local apparel company as we are passionate about supporting small business and giving back to our community.  This also allows us to be hands-on and helps us deliver the customized product that our clients desire.

We offer two skirt designs that are flattering for a variety of figures. Our customers tell us they love our skirts not just because of the variety of attractive fabric choices, but because of how comfortably they fit. You don’t have to play golf to enjoy our skirts, in fact, many of our customers are not golfers and love wearing our skirts off the course!

We are eager to deliver a quality product and are confident you will find a skirt fabric and style you will be excited to wear. 

Thanks for checking us out. We want you to look good and feel great!

Carol & Kim